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June 28, 2007


liliana delgadillo

Me gustaria que me informaran que puedo hacer para legalizarme en este pais... llevo 6 anos y me tiene que hacen un trasplante de rinon y por mi condicion migratoria no me hacen la operacion.. no dan visas humanitarias o a quien me puedo dirigir para que me ayuden.... por favor estoy desesperara y necesito ayuda,.... gracias

joel Alvarez

I need information about the humanitarian visa for my grandma because my grandpa is really sick in a U.S. Hospital. He is a Mexican-American citizen and the hospital requested my grandma to be here as support for him because his situation is critical. The hospital already authorized her coming through the American Embassy and says they have done all they can do. They are now just waiting for the Mexican Embassy's approval from Guadalajara, Mexico. I've been trying to get ahold of someone down there, however there never seems to be any answer. The Doctor said it is urgent for your Embassy to send my Grandma over here, as my Grandfather is extremely ill. What should we do? Looking through the internet I cannot find any information about the Mexican Emmbassy in Guadalajara. My grandma's passport was expired and now they are expecting her to renew it before she is elegible to come. This will take 3 months to get done, and as I said before, my Grandfather is ill and may not have that long to live. She is 75 years old and does not plan to live in this country. She only wants to see my grandpa alive. Can someone please give me some advice with this serious situation? We need help, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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