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May 09, 2007



Julio Rojas He is Dangerous sold drugs

Enrique Henry Palao

I am a Latin from Peru. I retire after working as an electrician. They did not recognize my degree (B.S) in electrical engineering. This was a lucky break because as an electrician y was very good and could defend myself against discrimination. It was not a sedentary work but very active.
Before I retired,I worked as an inspector, a quality controller, checking the electrical contractors and designers work, correcting and avoiding all their booboos and I had lots of fun.
Now in retirement I wrote a Manual that I would like to publish. It can be done in English and/or Spanish, so my experience will not be lost but I could not find someone interested in this proyect.
Anyway, few are the ones that recognize the quality and value of immigrants from undeveloped countries, especially Spanish speaking, like your organization.
Good luck.

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